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Case study of The Path Goal Theory and James Parker, CEO of Southwest Airlines

Date Submitted: 12/14/2004 02:13:29
Category: / Business & Economy
Length: 8 pages (2243 words)
Since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 18th century, researchers and analysts alike have been struggling to define the most cost-effective methods to running a company. A large portion of the success of a company can be attributed to the leadership style of a given leader and how they apply a particular leadership style to motivate their employees. It is common knowledge, that an employee with a high level of motivation will produce …
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…to website fails because you must go in through UoP> House, R. J. A path-goal theory of leader effectiveness. Administrative Science Leadership Review, 16, 321-339. (1971) <> (diagrams) Wu, Shelly. Leadership Theories: The Path-Goal Theory. Psychology About, (2003). 10 Jun 2003 "Motivation, Leadership and Communication", Online Posting. 16 Jan. 2002, Leadership 22 Mar 2003 http://www.thebridgeconnection. com/motivation%20leadership%20and%20communication.htm
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