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1984 thematic statements

Date Submitted: 05/27/2004 17:35:37
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The thematic statements chosen from the novel 1984 have a lot to do with the policies and way of life in the George Orwell novel. They reflect the story's bleak image of life and the type of world that Winston lives in. Three of the thematic statements chosen are the names of chapters in The Book, and are the main phrases of the Party. The first thematic statement and Party phrase is "War is Peace." (Pg. 26) …
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…Orwell does a very good job promoting this feeling. The thematic statements in 1984 are ones that show the mood of the novel. They show that the Party has power over everyone. They show that what the Party thinks is what everyone must think or they will be punished. Even though some of these statements may seem absurd nobody would question what the Party said. This shows the absolute power the Party has in the novel 1984.
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